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Chainbelow Inc, a not-for-stock, not-for-profit startup corporation, is an authorized training partner for Linux Foundation. Members of Chainbelow ensure that the majority training material they produce are high performance and open sourced ... therefore leading to many customizable products. Chainbelow provides small and medium-sized organizations with the adequate training to run a software-driven business.

People, without the right skills are redundant in a new world dominated by software technology. At Chainbelow, we offer training in Open Source products endorsed by The Linux Foundation - Linux, Node.JS, Cloud-Foundry, Kubernetes, Docker, Hyperledger, Oracle and IBM Blockchain, and AWS Google Cloud Platform, Azure, Alibaba-Cloud and IBM Cloud computing. Chainbelow membership is restricted to invitation only. We extend the curriculum offered by our partners with an extra 3-5 days of real-world workshops in reinforcing the skills. That’s what we do – offer the best in training and reskilling.

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DEVB.COM Developing Blockchain



Open Source Mortgage

Open Source Wealth Mngt



Sanskrit Keyboard



Permissioned Blockchain

Training, advisory and mentoring on ICO, Application migration to different blockchain frameworks, Customizable Applications Development, Wallet Development, Smart Contracts, Permissioned Blockchain, Hyperledger Fabric | Sawtooth | Sawtooth SETH.

Designed for failure response

Helps you create innovative architecture. Designed for failure. Engaging Work. Top-notch Architectural Designers. Web Responsive. Client-oriented. All using open source technologies - Cloud, Docker, Node.JS + C, Python and Go, and Hyperledger suite of blockchain products.

Cloud Training

Cloud support, training and IT services. Best on-premises support from us. Every member gets access to advanced training tools, live instructors and training features. Infrastructure Management and DevOps with Terraform and Containers. Self-healing and orchestration with Kubernetes. Security management of Linux Instances (Host, Network and Kernel).

Chainbelow Training

Rig Veda

Constantly innovating to improve life on this planet

Chainbelow introduces a course / discussion on Rig Veda, select scriptures from Books 1-10. It will be every Friday at 12.30 noon Eastern, 9.30 AM Pacific, 10.00 PM IST. The timing is flexible, and most discourses and subject matter will be offline. For each session, you will receive a separate invite. The course is FREE, with no sponsors, no annoying advertisements. 4 hours every week self-study is needed. Attendees can pursue further studies through courses offered in SAKSHI.


Constantly innovating to improve life on this planet

Open source is a powerful force of innovation. It is the very heart of the Internet, the core of communication. We are in an era where frontiers are "public", not "private". Open source enables the collective human power to action. The power of a worldwide community of highly skilled experts that build, share and improve the very latest software together - then make it available to everyone is a mantra that works. Without open source, many of the systems and applications we take for granted simply would not exist. Chainbelow believes software platforms have no borders. As a group, Chainbelow will foster, grow and encourage healthy communities and harmonize the collective power of communities for betterment of all.

Our aim:

  • Equal opportunity to everyone and special assistance to the deserving.
  • Freedom to use, download, run, copy, distribute, study, share, change and improve our software platforms for any purpose, without paying licensing fees.
  • Freedom to run, study our platforms for any purpose and adapt them to different needs.
  • Freedom to redistribute so others can be helped.
  • Freedom to improve the platforms and release improvements to the public, so that everyone benefits.
  • Enable a wide diversity of open source communities to collaborate under the Chain-below umbrella.

In the spirit of open source, Chain-below will remain absolutely free and a not-for-profit society.

  Our training projects

Chainbelow comprises several members who have a wide and varied experience in the financial market, supply chain and retail. The team started as a meetup group from February 2018 and since then has a deep understanding of blockchain and distributed ledger technology and its long-term implications for business. The team knows well certain use cases that fit well with the economic framework to identify blockchain based solutions and offer training for the same.

Chainbelow will provide the right atmosphere for corporate and community training under the same roof. The training will confer with Certified Hyperledger Sawtooth Administrator (CHSA) and Certified Hyperledger Fabric Administrator (CHFA). With our expertise, we should be able to move into Cloud and Node.JS space. The programs will be two to three days intensive hands-on, leading to the exams. We will contribute all resources to the open source – such as code, examples, use-cases, storyboard-s, presentations and our methods.

Training credentials

Start the cloud transformation journey.

Success is a few clicks away. Earn real certificates as proof of your hard-earned skill and knowledge.

IBM Business Partner  Linux Foundation Authorized Training Partner

Please check our credentials as Linux Foundation Authorized Training Partner

Chainbelow Inc is not affiliated with Linux Foundation in any way. Neither is this an endorsement from Linux Foundation.

About Linux Foundation

  • 16B USD is estimated development cost of the 100+ world’s leading projects hosted at The Linux Foundation
  • 25,000 technologists attend Linux Foundation events annually, from more than 4,500 companies and 85 countries
  • 1 Million open source professionals have enrolled in our free open source training courses
  • 10 / 10 of the largest cloud service providers are Linux Foundation project contributors and members
Chainbelow Distributed Technologies

Hyperledger and Blockchain DIY

Do-it-yourself for the risk-taker

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest hands-on Linux & cloud DIYs

AWS, GCP, Azure, IBM and Alibaba Cloud

Deployed on real production instances.

Trainings Done
Happy Clients


Things we do...


Hyperledger and Node.JS Certification Training

We conduct a specialized Hyperledger Fabric and Sawtooth course that prepares the attendees for certification programs. This gives you the opportunity to become a Certified Hyperledger Fabric Administrator (CHFA) and Certified Hyperledger Sawtooth Administrator (CHSA). Our sessions are fortified with real world examples and workshops to reinforce the learning. We offer a three to five days workshops at our premises.


Linux Foundation and Cloud Training

Training on Linux, containers, Docker, Kubernetes.

Migrating to the cloud has positive impact on cost, maintenance, and scalability of an IT infrastructure. In our workshops, we examine the key principles that enable easy deployment and management of Linux in the cloud. The wokshops emphasize on working with real world examples on AWS on moving existing legacy software out of in-premises data center closets into the cloud. Most sessions are centered around cloud migration techniques, besides providing a rigorous understanding of Linux.

Internet devices

Change Management

Manage change in a Continuous Delivery, Cloud and Blockchain environment. DevOps, Continuous Integration and Deployment (through Jenkins and Docker). Migration from monolithic applications to microservices, container managed (Docker and Kubernetes), product mananagement from the best of the best.


Our Skills.

Blockchain experts. Cloud professionals. K8s and Docker savvy. Linux diehards. Trusted advisors. Disrupters. PM Trailblazers (Product and Project Management). Training-oriented. Responsive. Technology experts. Top notch architects and designers. Industry leaders.



Architecture and Design





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